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Ibstock Brick | Perforated Class B Engineering Brick 65mm

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  • Pack size: Blue = 380 units, Red = 400 units
  • Wirecut
  • Water absorption 7%
  • Colour can vary
  • For use below DPC
  • Low salt content - S2
  • Suitable for severe exposure - F2
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Product Description

Engineered for durability

Ibstock Class B Engineering Bricks are the industry standard in tough and durable bricks. Combining high strength, low water absorption and frost resistance, they are the best choice for heavy duty construction in demanding conditions. This is most often in below-ground work, where they do not suffer from exposure to high levels of moisture, water or ice. Even in the harshest of weather, the bricks are dependable in almost every building environment. Our perforated engineering bricks are available in both blue and red in the exact quantities you need.

Industry leading specs

Class B engineering bricks are renowned for their compressive strength of 75N/mm², making them extremely hardy and able to support virtually any structure. Even more useful is their resistance to water, with an extremely low water absorption of just 7%. A standard facing brick, such as the Anglian Red Rustic Brick, has an absorption of 13%, making it far inferior. Like most Ibstock products, perforated engineering bricks have a frost resistance grade of F2 - the highest category for bricks - ensuring they can stand up to harsh and irregular weather conditions. Class B is the most popular choice of engineering brick for a reason, and while they are marginally less premium than Class A, their low price sets them apart as the most practical in most situations.

Designed for underground work

Wirecut for complete consistency and precise dimensions, the bricks uphold the high standard of Ibstock products and are always easy to work with. The body is perforated for a lighter construction and to reduce the amount you pay. Because of their excellent properties, most notably resistance to water, they are the ideal choice for specialist applications where facing bricks would not be suitable. These are most commonly in below-ground work, such as in manhole construction and sewers - or as an essential role in damp proof courses and retaining walls. However they are not restricted to below-ground, and are dependable in most situations where you need a higher strength brick than is typically found.

If you’re choosing bricks based on appearance, for example for the exterior of a house, then facing bricks are required. Engineering bricks do not always have smooth faces, and the surface may contain cosmetic chips or blemishes. Furthermore, the colour between bricks may not always be consistent. You can find a range of popular facing bricks, including the Tradesman Heather Brick, in our bricks range.

Made by the brick specialists

Ibstock Brick is the UK’s largest and most renowned brick manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range so you can always make the right decision for the job. With over 21 manufacturing plants and over 200 years of experience, their bricks remain reliable and essential components in buildings all around the country.

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{"Width (mm)":"103","Height (mm)":"65","Depth (mm)":"215","Brand":"Ibstock Brick","Colour (item)":"Blue","Material (item)":"Clay","Frost Resistance / Durability (F)":"F2","Water Absorption (W.A.%)":"7.0%","Active soluble salts (S)":"S2","Perforated / Solid / Frogged":"Perforated"}

Technical Details

Width (mm)103
Height (mm)65
Depth (mm)215
BrandIbstock Brick
Colour (item)Blue
Material (item)Clay
Frost Resistance / Durability (F)F2
Water Absorption (W.A.%)7.0%
Active soluble salts (S)S2
Perforated / Solid / FroggedPerforated

Product Description

Technical Details