We are proud to stock a variety of ducting fittings, including ducting hoses, ducting clips, pipes and everything you need to get the job done. Whether you need ducting solutions for a commercial building or are working on a residential building, we offer the best quality equipment in various materials such as metal, fibreglass or plastic that will meet the latest building regulations. This includes ducting connectors, flat to round connectors, vent hoses, extractor fan ducting, bend ducting and airbrick adaptors. If you’re looking for the finest ducting materials and fittings, BUILT/ is here to help.

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Manrose Airbrick Adaptor 110mm x 54mm VN0016

£2.15Exc. VAT£2.58Inc. VAT

Manrose Standard PVC Vent Hose 150mm x 3m VN0019

£10.55Exc. VAT£12.66Inc. VAT

Manrose Ventilation Hose Clip 90-120mm VN0020

£1.45Exc. VAT£1.74Inc. VAT