Security Online

Secure online shopping at Built for Trade Limited (“Built”)

Built takes your security extremely seriously. We are committed to making shopping at Built as safe as possible. When you shop online at all of your details are encrypted as soon as you access the website. Different browsers behave in different ways when the website you are visiting is secure. However, generally speaking look for a padlock icon in your browser window typically around your address bar. This typically indicates that the webpage is considered secure, and all information sent via that page is encrypted.

In 'secure mode', all your details are encrypted. This creates billions of code combinations to protect each transaction made on our site, so your card details cannot be viewed by anyone else using the Internet. If you are using one of the more recent browser versions, our site supports 128 bit encryption, thereby keeping your details as safe as possible. only accepts orders placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information using an insecure connection. During payment, we also ask for your card signature code and billing address as additional security checks. It is easy to check the SSL certificate of a website by looking in your browsers options or settings area.

When you purchase from we can save your card details to speed up the checkout process for you when making future purchases. We will not directly store your card details on our servers. We work with a payment gateway provider using a solution known as a hosted payment page which means that your card details are never directly captured or held by is now participating in Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for added online payment security. These services are offered by Visa and MasterCard, in association with the bank that has issued your credit/debit card. It is aimed at protecting your details when shopping online by ensuring that your card is not being used by someone else.

Applicable card types:

  • Visa Credit
  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard

Keeping your personal details safe

We recommend that you always close down your Internet browser when you have finished shopping online - especially if you use a shared PC.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail claiming to be from Built and including a request for your financial information, DO NOT CLICK on any part of it or open any attached documents. In this instance, please contact us by e-mailing Customer Services at

Please be aware that the PIN sent with your banking card will never be asked for in an online transaction by BUILT. Never reveal your PIN to anyone, in person or online.

How does your browser protect you and your data?

Most modern web browsers, such as Safari and Chrome support 'secure mode' and standard security protocols.

You can configure your web browser to tell you when your details are being sent and warn you if they are not being sent in a secure way. This will vary from browser to browser but generally speaking you will find this information in the ‘options’ menu and ‘Security’ options.

Online security is constantly evolving, so we recommend you update your browser to the latest version of your browser of choice in order to take full advantage of any improved security features